Beauty and some Beats Miss Florida 2019

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Miss Florida 2019

Beauty and some Beats

Some folks have some preconceived notions about scholarship pageants and the Miss America system, so I’ll just say right from jump, pageant girls are the most confident intelligent women I know. They are comfortable looking like movie stars in their fabulous ballgowns or throwing on gym clothes with no make-up and crushing it. In short, pageant girls are awesome. I should know, because I married one. (That's Shalisa to the right winning Miss UCF 1989. Cute, right?)

Our daughter, Ashley was a top 10 finalist at Miss Florida in 2014

She took home some serious scholarship money.

(Proud parent brag moment to follow: She gained amazing interview skills that got her into med school and is considered one of the top students at presenting cases.) Dr. Ashley benefited greatly from the Miss Florida pageant, and lots of others did too. Laura Rutledge, Miss Florida 2012 can be seen currently as a reporter and host for CNN International and ESPN. Taylor Tyson, Miss Florida 2018,is a renowned concert pianist, and is currently in law school…you get the idea. These women are winners, so when we got the chance to help creatively produce the Miss Florida pageant for 2019 and we were stoked.

The theme was Miss Florida 2.0.  It was about empowerment.  Having just produced 4eva29, a show about popstar moms, Shalisa and I were no strangers to female power songs.  Our mission: to kick off the show with all the girls onstage and all the girls in the audience feeling like totally badass.  But first, some drama.   We started with a down spot on Miss Florida 2018, Taylor Tyson, on a grand piano playing the Norwegian concerto.  Just after her final flourish the beat dropped on pop bop, (say that 4 times fast) “I Am Woman” by Jordan Sparks.  They girls loved it.   Other tunes included, “That’s My Girl” by 5thHarmony, and “Tightrope” by Janelle Monet. Check out our behind-the-scenes video here:

Shalisa and our amazing choreographer, Amber, had the job of making each contestant feel as confident as the songs they were dancing to, weaving around the stage in awesome patterns, looking like professional dancers as each of them passed the judges.

Throwback moment:
Rat Pack Swingers sang Sinatra to the former Miss Florida winners

Queen Beats ROCKED the finale!

But the highlight of the show was the finale when our QUEEN BEATS female drumline took the stage. These girls ROCKED the military-style percussion on the Little Mix tune, “Salute.” The juxtaposition of the beautiful ladies in the sparkly gowns and the tough-as-nails drummers without sleeves set the perfect message. Women are confident. Women are beautiful. Women can do anything.

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