Fight Virtual Meeting Fatigue

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Cool Ideas for Online Events and Your Custom Virtual Meeting

Picture skinny Elvis in that black leather jumpsuit he wore in Vegas in 1968.  His hip swivels inspire an electric energy, a fervor.  Everyone pushes to the front of the stage, a mass of bodies mashed together in a shared desperation to get closer to the king.  There is a deafening scream of fans as he throws a sweaty towel into the crowd.

“Ahh!  Germs!” scream the fans as they scramble to pull on their designer face masks.

Suddenly we are in 2020 where “due to the COVID-19 crisis” tops the charts and “social distancing” is all the rage.  But as quarantines lift and we poke our heads out of our front doors and sort through statistics, we discover something we knew about ourselves all along.

We miss being together

There is a thrill to a live rock concert, a film premier, a packed football stadium with thousands of us, screaming crying and laughing together.

Can we do this virtually?

No way.

But we CAN create a shared experience.

Something fun, something heartfelt and something interactive for your virtual meeting.

Check out all the cool stuff we can do:

Killer Video Content

Let’s face it. During your virtual meeting, talking heads on a Zoom screen are boring.  Your online audience faces greater distractions than a live audience.  But the goals of your event remain the same:

Deliver Key Messaging in a Unique, Engaging Way

Here is an example of a video SOP.  Lots of important content here, but done with professional comedic actors, quick edits, and engaging graphics.

Another sure-fire way to fight virtual meeting fatigue is MUSIC.  Uptempo beats add excitement and a virtual choir can be inspirational!  But when it comes to using music for online meetings, there can be some legal bear traps.  You could end up paying thousands of dollars in fines for using a Prince song in your meeting!

For a more in-depth article look at Kevin D Phillips article on 

As the music rights catch up with virtual meetings, we have one sure fire solution:

Original Music

An original song is branded to YOU and you can use it on any virtual platform or social media with no legal risk.  It’s easy and cost effective and fun.  You can even use it as your ring tone!

How do we do it?  Check out How to write an award-winning song, or die trying.

It will show you how we wrote the above Telly Award-winning song.

My friends Shalisa and Jeremy James can help brand up your virtual events with bespoke musical intros and more while reducing legal risk. I’ve witnessed their creative genius and you won’t find better. They will make you shine.

Kevin D Phillips at the KDP


Virtual Auctions

Throwing a fund raising Gala event?  You can capture the fun of bidding on items online against other attendees.  Just a click of the virtual gavel and you’ve won a cool trip, or an autographed treasure.

Virtual Meeting Crashers SNL

Create a unique, fun disruption.  Imagine Harry Connick Jr. or a Lady Gaga impersonator singing about your product or crooning to one of your VIPs.  A hilarious array of Saturday-Night live characters:  Matt Foley (down by the river) or Wayne and Garth, or the Target Lady  coming to life on your screen with a very special hilarious message for your team.

Virtual Team Building

Game Shows

You pick teams, and one of our hosts guides you through a fun interactive game of Family Feud, or a trivia game customized to fit your brand or business.  Players text each other suggestions, and have crazy fun.

Learn to Cartoon

No matter what your experience level, learn to cartoon with one of Disney’s best artists! You can use any writing utensil you have around the house and our professional cartoonist will teach you step by step basics!

Virtual Pep Rally

“Wow! Absolutely incredible – so fun and engaging – you nailed it!!!
Thanks Jeremy and Shalisa and your incredible team!”

Cheryl SimmsSpecial Events Director, Lake Highland Preparatory School

Get your team together for a fun basic home workout or yoga lesson.  Our professional instructors will guide you through a workout for all levels-no equipment necessary!  A great way to stay healthy and have fun together.

So How do you Fight Virtual Meeting Fatigue?

The possibilities are endless.  We can do augmented reality where things in your physical world come alive with digital graphics by simply using your phone.  We can do virtual reality where you wear a headset to transport yourself magically to an online concert or stage show.

We are in a brave new virtual world, and just like the real world rules still apply.

Your virtual event needs a structured show flow with engaging videos and graphics.  It needs to be informative and interactive.

It needs to be exciting.

Like screaming for Elvis in ’68.