Looking to add a personal touch to your next event? Creating a personalized message to your product, business, or event that stands apart is a science and an art. We make it our job to think out of the box! Entertainment Central Productions creates the most custom and comprehensive creative entertainment event ideas, and we can guarantee they’re always unique with your message. As storytellers through production, we believe that creativity shouldn’t have any boundaries. If you’re looking for new and improved ways to market your product or business, we can provide the most creative and unique ways to execute your marketing plan in a growing digital era and can help you create a successful launch.

Whether it be upbeat virtual team building, a sizzle reel of new products of your business executives, montage music, virtual event production, or customized digital content, the possibilities are endless. We love a good challenge and creative entertainment is one of our favorite boxes to check. Entertainment Central Productions has been recognized by some of the industries best. Our productions and services focuses on a listener’s attention and the strategy behind it creates a memorable and lasting effect.

Corporate Sizzle Reel

A sizzle reel is a short video combining visual, audio, and creativity to highlight a certain product or accomplishment. At Entertainment Central Productions, we’ll create a short promotional video with your executive team, or simply show off your accomplishments in a fun and unique way with a Corporate Sizzle Reel. Impress investors, announce a new product, or speaking engagement, or solidify your company’s brand.

Turn your hi-powered executives or into a movie stars or super-heroes by filming them in a short action-packed Hollywood-style sequence. Grab a new audience and attention by communicating takeaways or selling points to your audience. You won’t believe what creative event ideas our amazing team can dream up custom to your vision and selling points.

Virtual Team Building

In a successful business, team building is essential. However, in today’s world with ever-changing industries and digital markets, virtual team building is a necessity. Do you have a remote team that you’re looking to strengthen or enhance your team collaboration? Our virtual team building with fun messaging  techniques are a unique and creative way to strengthen communication, productivity, and trust. With unique marketing, we can help you stand apart from the rest.

Videos, Commercials & Custom Digital Content

Have a video you’ve been dreaming about? Maybe you’re looking for a video, commercial, or customized content to take your brand, business, or event to the next level. Let your story be heard with our creative and custom digital content to leave your viewers coming back for more. Our trained professionals know how to effectively turn an idea into a creative masterpiece that will leave a lasting impression. Let us boost your visibility and expand your exposure with our custom video, commercial or content.

Sales Initiative & Custom Song Creation

Free Daps: Customization Through Improv Rap

A Fun In-Store Promotion!

Tech Industry and Futuristic Events!

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