In the interest of shamelessly promoting my business, while also talking about myself a bunch, I thought I’d write about the crazy behind-the-scenes life of a traveling entertainment guy.  So I started this blog.  But I had all these cool videos of backstage and on-site shenanigans, so I decided to do a Vlog.  Then I thought, I’d be letting the kids down if I didn’t include a written element in this brash publicity stunt, because reading is the cornerstone of a great education.  So I started this Blog-Vlog.  The only thing I needed was a theme song. (below)  Thanks for reading-watching.  Hire me for all your entertainment needs.

-Jeremy James 

Entertainment Central Productions

My Night with Duran Duran

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{ "@context": "", "@type": "VideoObject", "name": "My Night with Duran Duran!!!", "description": "Entertainment Central Production's 40-voice choir sings with Duran Duran at the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon...
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